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Visionary Fantastic Realism Art

for original mystical art to be posted (poetry and humor welcome)

Fantastic Realism Visionary Art
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art, surrealism, dadism, mystical, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography
I moderate the following communities on line here:

New direction suggestion for this community:

I am going to suggest a theme or a call for a theme: dream art.

I would like to invite those of you reading to submit images you have made in illustration of dreams.I am fascinated by dreams lately,and I amreading James Hillman's "Dream and the Underworld" which has a lot of connections between dreams and mythology.

If you do not remember you dreams, then an alternative suggestion is memory art..... art remembering something significant from your past..... or poetic images or those of a visionary quality. I search for that which is beautiful. I seek to transform and transmit positive energy and travel the middle path of balance and unity. Psychological, visionary, stream of consciousness, free association, dream states, angels, poems are all encouraged to be revealed in this forum. Shaktipat, chakras, kundalini, and enlightenment welcome!

I have discovered that having this Live Journal, I am having more of a tendency to write instead of draw lately.If you have poetry instead of images, those are also most welcome....... Invite any one into this community whom may be able to contribute to this theme. I want to start a dialog going. Thank you in advance for this event happening.....

community moderator: Omnamahshivaya updated post 8/28/06

I am a follower of Ernst Fuchs the founder of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism ( http://www.ernstfuchs-zentrum.com/ ) ,

my first teacher of this Old Masters' technique and guru also from my city of Rochester, NY, Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, ( http://www.rubinovs-lightning.com/ ) ,

and mutual artist and also an influence to my path, De Es Schwertberger, also of the school and , like Phil, a student of Ernst Fuchs in the 1970's , ( http://www.dees.at/ ).... I met him in SoHo in NYC in the 1980's and it is cool to hook up again with my mentors from long ago!

Also, Cynthia Re Robbins who is the teaching assistant in the Vienna seminar, http://www.art4spirit.com/MainPage.html

I hope we can form a good community here somehow. All positive energy and creativity welcome......

To be an artist....
by Evelyn Cammarano, 06/28/06

To be an artist means to see and not be seen,
to be witness to human nature and rain,
ridges over landscapes, creases on faces,
ants crawling up the pine tree,
and splashes of chromatic ink stains on a page.
To be an artist means to listen and not be heard,
to hide in the shadows of birds,
to stare up into the sun at noon,
and watch the spots of stars falling into the silhouettes
of timber and wolves and pigeons on roofs,
on a horizon that goes vertical at the foot of mountains,
and melts into the sea when the waves crash into the rocks.
To be an artist means to feel and not be detected or felt,
like a spy, you follow the footprints of sparrows,
the pine cones' dents on the forest's floor,
and the hatching sounds of the robins' eggs.
To be an artist you must gather up all your crayons,
and shred them into dust,
plant them into the soil during a full moon,
and dance the dance that calls forth the Muse....
it is not enough to just dream,
you must create illusions of what you have seen,
and record history and mark time for generations to come,
and long for a lover who will never lust.....
transform the lower self into the highest divine hum
spoken by angels in the clouds of early morning mist....
an artist is not fully human,
an artist has one foot in the grave,
and knows life is a fleeting moment,
and art is a pattern of energy,
like those flashes of lightning in a storm.

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